Chew Stoke Harvest Home

The Variety of Attractions and Competitions

The competitions were varied - with entries accepted from other villages around Chew Stoke in some categories - and rivalry was fierce! The main event in the afternoon was the Tug-o-War:

“There was a tug-o-war competition between the pubs and the Felton Quarry team.  The men wore their Sunday best to come to the Show and they would be all at the bar drinking in their white shirts.  But (once the pulling got underway) the shirts would get ripped and covered in mud!"

“It often ended in a fight in the beer tent (over) the tug-o-war teams! There were miners, farmers and quarrymen from different villages – all had tug-o-war teams. They took it very seriously!”

“There were teams from miles around – Gloucester, Shepton Mallet.”

“There were races for children of all ages ...”

"There was a big tent like now and terrific entries - jams, veg, a heck of a lot of cakes ... and jealousies!”

“Mrs (H) brought in the gymkhana in 1948-49.”

“There was a baby show ..”

“There was writing for children, knitting, painting...”

“One year Chew Magna’s school won the (writing) prizes. Well that spurred on the Chew Stoke school the next year!”