Chew Stoke Harvest Home

From 1930's to the Present Day

Such is the importance of the Harvest Home to Chew Stoke villagers that despite occasional cancellations, disruptions and curtailments due to unforseen events over the years - the 2nd World War, the death of Diana Princess of Wales in 1997, an outbreak of Foot and Mouth and the heavy rains that cancelled the horse show one year - the annual festivities continue to be enthusiastically celebrated each Autumn right up to the present day.

In fact, almost everyone in Chew Stoke who was asked (and some have lived here over 60 years!) has a firm view on the proceedings - how they should be organised, what works and what doesn’t - recalling fond memories (predating WWII in some cases), and how the event still brings people together. So here, in the words of Chew Stoke villagers, are a selection of accounts, from the 1930’s to the present day, to bring the Harvest Home vividly to life ...