Chew Stoke Harvest Home

This year's show has a huge range of classes including flowers, vegetables, eggs, preserves, cookery,
handicraft, photographs, floral art, young people and childrens'.

Download the schedule here and see what takes your fancy!

How to enter

The easiest way to enter is by completing the online form. You can do this anytime up until 8pm on Friday 8th September.

Other ways to enter are by phone 07766 761774 or email or in person at 2 Home Orchard, Chew Stoke, BS40 8UZ from 5pm until 8pm on Friday 8th September.

Entries made in advance are FREE.

Entries made in person at 2 Home Orchard will be handed a reference number to be placed next to the exhibit on the day, otherwise you will be given a reference number when you bring your exhibits to the show.
All exhibits (except those made in school) to be taken to the flower tent and displayed by the exhibitor by 10.30am on Saturday 9th September and must not be removed until after prize giving on the day of the show (at around 4.30pm).
Entries can be made in person on the day of the show (at the flower tent before 10.30am), but each entry will be charged 50p (unless the entrant has already placed entries in other classes in advance).


Jill Baker Assistant Flower Show Secretary

Flower and Vegetable Show 2023